Bath Salts, Vajazzle Sisterhood Clubs and My Writing Career

Welcome to week 2 of 52 Weeks of Irresponsible Bravery! I come to you today from the bottom of a pile of blah. No motivation to do anything today except drool on me and watch romantic comedies. I think I should have snorted my Ritalin like the young kids do at all those teen strawberry bath salts and oral sex bracelet parties you read about on the news — but I’m not big on putting things in my face (other than snacks).

Alas, I promised myself I would do this so here I am.

Last week I was supposed to:

Build a portfolio. I put a site up. It’s not done but it’s a healthy start. I can’t decide if my pink hair makes me look qualified to write important things or if it gives off more of a “Hi, I would probably buy your underage kids beer on my way to my college vajazzle sisterhood club meeting” vibe. I am not at all in favor of group vajazzling with strangers. Because of hygiene. So the hair thing matters to me. I’ll figure it out. It’s ok if you have no idea what I just said.

This week I wrote and submitted a piece about having Adult ADHD to a way famous blog. It’s all kinds of personal and a departure from my usual writing style so it definitely took an irresponsible amount of bravery to let it loose into the Interword. I’ll let you know if it gets published.

I did a ton of stuff for my business, but writing it bored me to tears, so let’s just say that I’m forwarding my goal of becoming a legit freelancer instead of scraping out a living as a person who shits into the Internet. Lots of marketing and the likes. Lots of big girl panties. And a new business plan. But that was mostly just for me. I enjoy planning things. It’s probably why I don’t get invited to a lot of parties. Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly why