Booty Work

Just because Ke$ha says she’s the Dance Commander on an album title doesn’t necessarily make it true, right? I mean, there wasn’t an election that I missed, was there? And nobody even asked me how I felt about it, considering I am the true Dance Commander. Or, at least, I’m the Dance Commander of my state city street car.

I do so much booty work that my booty should get overtime pay and benefits.

I dance so much that I even dance when I’m dancing. (Yeah, I don’t know what that means either. Just go with it.)

I also work part-time perfecting my rap hands. Cause I’m currently writing a feminist rap album. Until my album drops, here are some lovingly crafted playlists to inspire you to do some booty work of your own. Cause if you don’t dance, you should really ask yourself “HOLY CRAP OMG WHY!?”