Mental Math for newbies.

While learning math, everyone focusses on the concept and logic involved but there is one aspect that
doesn�t get the required attention and that is Mental Math. We have learnt to depend on either calculators
or paper and pen to do our daily share of calculations, but what about situations where neither a calculator
nor paper and pen are within our reach? If this situation arises when it comes to money matters, then we are
under the threat of being cheated or unknowingly being unfair to another person. For this reason and many
other such reasons, it is now time to shift our focus to mental math.

Some of the key benefits of mental arithmetic practice are: it makes the brain sharper and stronger increasing
intelligence, it helps to improve memory, helps relate quantities and numbers, can be developed into a hobby,
helps with day to day calculations and much more.

We should always find shortcuts to calculate better. Some tricks are: instead of calculating from left to right
which is much easier when done on paper, learn to calculate from right to left. For example, if the number you wish
to add is 12 and 25 then take the digit on your right and add a zero to its left, it making it 10 and 20. Now add
10+20=30, similarly add the two numbers on the left without adding any zero 2+5=7. To get If you are planning of 12 and 25 now
add the individual sums which you got i.e. 30+7=37. This way addition becomes a much easier job than you ever thought
of it to be. Similarly memorizing multiplication table, knowing your fractions, for example, we should know the
fraction � is 0.5 and when it is converted to percentage it is 50%, are some of the effective methods to master
mental math. Similarly, co-relate and learn the other fractions as well. These are just a few tricks which can be
applied, but if you choose to go into depths, you will discover many shortcuts and tricks to do well at mental math.

We can help you with improving your mental math. We have well trained and
experienced staff who can help you with performing all calculations in no time. We assure individual attention
to each and every student and proper monitoring of progress through competitions and tests. We assure you once you
give this a try you will not go back to calculators and papers and pen. Join us and amaze yourself.