The IB Diploma Programme and What it Can Do

Education is something that is really important for a person to have. That is why parents are doing everything that they can just to make sure that their child finishes schooling so they can land a good job. At an early age, children are already sent to school for basic education. Once they reach high school, there are a lot of extra programs which students can enroll to in order to gain more experiences, learn additional knowledge, and acquire different skills. One of these programs is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or the IBDP. But what exactly is this program all about?

CATS Education will tell us more about the IBDP. Let us read below.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma, known as the IB, is one of the fastest growing and most respected qualifications in the world. It is your passport to the best universities and is a qualification that challenges, encourages and inspires internationally-minded students like you to become caring, critical thinkers, ready for university study and a globally focused career. Read more here.

Great! We now know some details about the IB Diploma and there are also some FAQs which could really be helpful for those who are interested and those who want to inquire. Hong Kong is one of the countries which offer this kind of program. However, many parents still have a lot of questions about IB Diploma. Many are asking if IB pupils more or less likely get into their university of choice and will it suit their child.  Anthea Rowan will tell us about it through an article below.

The IB diploma: what Hong Kong parents need to know about the A-levels Alternative

To do the IB, or not to do the IB? That – given the argument that surrounds curriculum choice in Hong Kong – is the question, especially in an expatriate community where the International Baccalaureate is not always fully understood.

It is interesting that the dilemma persists. While not as old an examination as A-levels, which were introduced in 1951, the IB is not a baby: it was conceived in Switzerland in 1948. French educator Marie-Therese Maurette, then head of the International School of Geneva, developed the structure for what has evolved into the IB when she wrote Is There a Way of Teaching for Peace?, a handbook for Unesco.

For the schools today that offer all three components of the full IB – the primary years programme, middle years programme and the sixth-form diploma programme – there is the advantage of curriculum continuity through a child’s school career. But globally only 200 schools offer all three simultaneously, with only five doing so in Hong Kong. Read more here.

We now have answers to your questions. All it takes is for someone to really learn, understand, and choose the right curriculum.  If you do so, along with good study habits, you will be like the Singapore students who really topped the IB Diploma exams. In fact, 97.7% of the takers passed and 48 attained perfect scores. Let us know more about this through Channel News Asia’s report below.

97.7% pass IB diploma exams in Singapore, with 48 attaining perfect scores

The average total points score in Singapore was 38.5, compared to the global average of 30.98. A total of 81 students worldwide got perfect scores. The results will be released “in the coming days”, says the International Baccalaureate foundation.

SINGAPORE: Of the 1,640 students who took the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma examinations in Singapore in November 2015, 97.7 per cent passed, with 48 scoring the maximum possible 45 points, according to the IB foundation.

Students will receive their results “over the coming days”, said the IB.

The average total points score in Singapore was 38.5, compared to the global average of 30.98. A total of 81 students worldwide got perfect scores, meaning that 59 per cent of those with maximum marks in the November examinations came from Singapore. Read more here.

Well, that was really impressing! It only means that the IB Programme Singapore is really effective for students. They really learned and remembered everything that was taught. If you are parent and you came across this program, you should already think about enrolling you children here because it will advantageous and beneficial for their education. If you are a student, you shouldn’t waste this opportunity because it will open a lot of doors for you especially upon entering college.